Frequently Asked Questions

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What medical services are covered in a healthcare plan?

You can choose a policy that includes the services that you require. A comprehensive medical plan will include preventative and wellness care, pregnancy, doctor visits, hospitalizations, medications, mental health care, and more.

What is an insurance co-pay?

A co-pay or co-payment is the money that an insured person must pay out-of-pocket to a healthcare provider, such as a doctor or hospital.

Can I purchase a health insurance policy any time of the year?

In general, you need to purchase a health insurance plan during the open enrollment period. This is the period from November 1 through December 15 each year. In some cases, you may qualify for the purchase of insurance outside of this period.

Is it better to have the lowest premium costs when possible?

Not necessarily. You need to review the details of the insurance plan to find any extra costs that are associated with a policy. In many cases, a policy with a low premium may have high co-pays and deductibles, making the overall costs higher in the long run.

If I don’t meet my deductible this year, can I carry it forward into the next year?

No. Deductibles are designed for a one-year period. If you didn’t meet your deductible you may want to consider making changes to your policy to find one that better suits your needs.

Can I include my adult children in my healthcare plan?

You may only keep children on your policy until they reach the age of 26. Before that age, you can keep or add them to your policy, even if they do not reside in your home.

Does health insurance cover dental services?

In general, you need dental insurance for your dental needs. In some circumstances, some dental procedures may fall under the medical category and if so, they might be covered under your medical plan.

If I miss a premium payment, will they cancel my policy?

You must make premium payments on time in order to maintain your medical insurance policy. If you are having trouble making a payment, contact your insurance provider directly to see if there is anything they can do.

Do I have to have health insurance?

The law was changed, so you are not required by law to have a health insurance policy. However, it is highly recommended that you have insurance to protect you and your loved ones in case you become ill or get injured.

Can I cancel my insurance policy and choose a different one?

You may cancel your policy at any time. However, you cannot purchase a new policy until the enrollment period at the end of the year.

How can I find the best healthcare plan for myself and my family?

Fast Health Quotes is the ideal place to find a healthcare plan that fits your needs and your budget. We offer a variety of information and tools that you can use to help you understand health insurance and choose a policy for you and your family.

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