Alternative To Cobra Insurance

An associate professor from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business states that COBRA is expensive and typically unnecessary for healthy individuals. COBRA is convenient for people with specific coverage needs, a comfortable financial status, and a need for consistent access to healthcare services.

Is there an alternative to COBRA? The right alternative to Cobra should have a high deductible if you want it to contrast the high COBRA premium. Look for opportunities that will not strain your budget by running the following tests:

  • Estimate the annual income
  • Calculate the monthly pay
  • Determine the length of time you need coverage
  • Approximate the medical costs based on hospitals, doctors and RX doctors

Here are all the finest alternatives to COBRA health insurance


It is almost unorthodox to suggest living life without a health care coverage plan. It is, however, logical to take your chances without a plan if there are only a couple of weeks before the insurance expires. The lapse will not create a strain if you are certain that the new job’s coverage will kick in as soon as possible.

Do not consider this option when you anticipate an emergency visit to the ER. Lack of proper coverage could leave you bankrupt and endanger the lives of your family. Consider critical world events such as health pandemics, so you do not fall into an unfavorable condition to save a couple of bucks.

Shop the exchange

Is there cheaper insurance than COBRA? Exchange plans are expensive when searching for an equal alternative to an employer-based program. An income in the right bracket helps acquire subsidies to cover the premiums of the policy. Most of these plans are cheaper than COBRA and will keep your financial vision in the right priority. Do your research about various exchange plans because they change per the political situation.

Mix policies

Is there an alternative to COBRA? It is essential to blend various unexcelled healthcare plans if the ACA or medicare plan takes a while to become activated. Mix the COBRA plan with one of the Fast Health Quotes family health plans. A hefty insurance premium is better than a high hospital bill of up to $10,000.

Independent health insurance

This option is a good option if you do not meet the income requirements of the premium assistance.

  • They do not include paying high premiums but have a low coverage fee
  • The plans comply with the ACA programs and cover primary conditions like preventive care and pre-existing health conditions
  • They last as long as ACA plans
  • You can choose a plan with copayments and deductibles that help manage the annual increments
  • Fast Health Quotes can educate you about all the competitive policies by giving you a quote for all the different insurance companies

High-deductible health insurance

A high-deductible plan is a wise alternative to COBRA insurance if you are not a frequent user of insurance plans. The policy protects you from most health care costs and only requires you to pay for non-preventive doctor visits. The option allows you to set up a deductible savings account as a health savings account.

Check our site for the greatest individual and family COBRA health insurance alternatives. COBRA alternatives that could save you money vary in affordability and are therefore available to a vast percentage of the populace.


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