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One of the scariest conditions of unemployment is losing your family’s health insurance coverage. This case is especially resonant among clients who subscribe to the COBRA health insurance plans. The downside of the insurance program is that it becomes unerringly expensive when the employer can longer help you make half of the payment. The good news is that COBRA is no longer the only prime option.

It is essential to realize that many instances of paying the full amount are usually not affordable. Buying the smallest coverage plan will not always give you the ideal result. Eliminate COBRA as your primary health insurance plan and examine all the alternatives to COBRA.

COBRA health insurance alternatives

Is there an alternative to COBRA? Fast Health Quote will help you examine several options for cost-effective coverage. We work with the best healthcare programs to give decent benefits for families and individuals. Begin by analyzing all the benefits of different options before narrowing down to the chief alternative.

Short-term health insurance

A flexible alternative to COBRA is the short health insurance package. It is one of the best COBRA alternatives that could save you money because the plans are buyable as one-month or a couple of months increments. These plans have low monthly coverage of approximately $30 and possibly high deductibles.

The insurance is not a part of the Affordable Care Act; hence it will have the following particular limitations:

  • It does not cover annual checkups
  • It does not cover pregnancy checkups
  • It does not cover pre-existing conditions

The most significant benefit of the insurance plan is that you can acquire a three-month coverage before you begin paying the tax penalty. The option is appealing for candidates with good health who do not want to make large unnecessary monthly payments. It is also convenient when switching between jobs without a preeminent medical condition.

Spouse’s health insurance

It is possible to work with your spouse’s health plan when they add you to the group plan. Ask your employer about the requirements, such as a higher contribution percentage or maximum age, allowed into the program. The deductible’s value will depend on the location and individual plan.

ACA marketplace

Is there cheaper insurance than COBRA? The ACA marketplace has several options for clients with different health and life situations. These include:

  • A locational move
  • Birth of a baby
  • Marriage

Our team will help analyze your specific needs, financial situation, and tax credit. The options for your subscription will vary according to the state and the size of your household and income. It is essential to subscribe to the ACA marketplace program within sixty days following the change of the life event.

State-funded programs

These programs are cost-efficient and possibly free for candidates that meet the necessary household income conditions. The two standard state-funded programs, Children’s Health Insurance and Medicaid, cover disabilities, limited incomes, and specific health conditions.

Private insurance options

The private insurance market has a wide range of premier insurance programs. The sticky part is about choosing the right plan. Our knowledge and qualified staff have a list of providers, strategies, and resources that will point you towards the right insurance plans. Check out our site for the best options and contact us for further guidance on alternatives to COBRA.


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