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At Fast Health Quotes, we help you compare the top health insurance plans offered by some of the most reliable insurance companies in America. We assist you in buying the  best short term health insurance plans and ensure that you have coverage against unexpected accidents and illnesses.

Is short-term insurance a good idea?

A short term plan is a good idea is you're switching jobs and have a gap in coverage during the transition. A short term plan can keep you covered at a much lower premium rate and saves you from having to commit to a year-long plan. Besides, if you don't qualify for a special enrollment period, but require coverage for emergencies, short term plan may be your only option.

This type of plan can protect you against unforeseen accidents and illnesses, while you are waiting for open enrolment to begin. It is also a highly viable option for those who cannot afford an ACA-compliant plan.

Can I buy short-term health insurance?

You can buy short term insurance, if you cannot afford an ACA plan or if you missed open enrollment or if you do not qualify for special enrollment. It can offer you temporary coverage while you wait for your ACA plan to come into effect.

Short term plans can protect you against emergencies, accidents, and unforeseen illnesses if you are between jobs and waiting for the benefits to kick in at your new job. It is also a viable healthcare plan for individuals that are turning 26 and coming off of their parents' insurance.

Top 3 short term health insurances in 2020

A short term plan is a healthcare coverage that does not cover you for a long period. Here is a list of the best short term health insurance providers based on affordability, customer service, processing times, and availability:

  1. UnitedHealthcare - UnitedHealthcare offers excellent short term insurance plans with customization options. It offers short term plans at affordable prices that allow policyholders to enjoy the best healthcare benefits for a premium of just $60 a month. With UHC short term plans, you can choose the best premium-deductible ratio from a variety of available options and get a plan that offers the perfect balance coverage and value. We bring competitive quotes on short-term health insurance plans from UHC to our clients on our website, at the tap of a button.
  2. AgileHealthInsurance - AgileHealthInsurance is another insurance provider with the best short term plans. Plans can be as cheap as $44/month for a female in her mid-twenties.
  3. The IHC Group - It is a short term health insurance provider and is available in 23 states. They process all applications within 24 hours of submission, and premiums are as low as $51 a month for individuals that qualify. 

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