Health Insurance Gap Between Jobs

How do you fill the health insurance gap between jobs? Your previous place of employment may have referred you to a Cobra plan that will extend your coverage during the interim period while you’re out of work. Still, there’s another option available that may be even more affordable for obtaining health insurance between jobs. Fast Health Quotes can make it easy for you to compare quotes and coverage from various companies in the health insurance market so that you can find the best price on quality insurance. Give us a call to today to get started- we’re happy to help.

What Do You Do With Health Insurance Between Jobs?

There’s no easy answer to the question of gap coverage since different people have different needs. If you’re uncertain whether a Cobra plan is the right way to go, you can speak with our agents at Fast Health Quotes for free, over the phone. We can search our database to find affordable individual and family health insurance plans in just a few minutes, so you can find a plan that fits your budget. If a Cobra plan is the better option, you’ve lost nothing- chances are, we can find a better rate for you.

Is There a Grace Period For Health Insurance Between Jobs?

If you’ve recently lost your job or are switching jobs or careers, you may be worried about whether you’ll stay covered by your health insurance policy, and if so, for what length of time. Through the Cobra program, you’ll still have access to your plan’s benefits, but in almost all cases, you’ll end up paying a lot more than you were paying when you were employed. The simple solution is to buy a marketplace plan, but that can be confusing if you’ve never shopped for insurance on your own. Fast Health Quotes exists to help those who are in-between jobs compare plan benefits and rates to find the right amount of coverage at the lowest price.

How Long Can You Have a Gap in Health Insurance?

According to online reports, the gap has to be less than three months in one year to qualify for a penalty exemption. There are several different factors that can come into play, so it’s important to speak with a health insurance specialist if you have questions. Feel free to reach out to Fast Health quotes to learn more about variables in the health insurance gap between jobs. The information we provide may save you a lot of money on coverage.

How to Deal With a Health Insurance Gap

Get connected with an agency that employs knowledgeable agents who will take all the time necessary to answer your questions. At Fast Health Quotes, we consistently receive positive reviews from clients who are looking for an affordable way to fill the health insurance gap between jobs. We work hard to find clients affordable plans; in fact, we are a leading agency in our industry. Call our office today or connect with us online to find out how we can help you save money on gap coverage.

How can You Avoid Facing a Health Insurance Gap Between Jobs?

In the United States, the unemployment rate spiked up to 6% till March 2021. This means that a significant percentage of people were searching for new jobs in the market. Such unemployed individuals don’t just face the losses of not being able to afford new things or not being able to pay back their student loan debt.They also experience a health insurance gap between jobs, during which any surgeries or medical care they ...
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