Non Obamacare Health Insurance Plans

Are non obamacare health insurance plans as good as marketplace plans? Depending on your healthcare needs, you may find that a non obamacare plan is more affordable and provides better coverage. The best way to find the right plan for your requirements is to call an agent who can help you compare plan benefits and costs while searching for the best overall value. Fast Health Quotes can assist as you look at private plans outside the marketplace outside open enrollment. Why not give us a call to start your search?

The 5 Best Non-Obamacare Health Insurance Plans From Our Providers

1. Aetna non-obamacare plans are designed to be budget-friendly without compromising on coverage. Many of our customers form Fast Health quotes want to stay with Aetna or switch to Aetna because of their reputation for being customer-oriented. We can recommend an Aetna plan for you or your entire family when you reach out to us by phone.

2. United Healthcare is another big name in the healthcare industry, and one that has provides value to its clients for many years. You’ll find many non-obamacare choices when you choose UHC as your coverage provider. Let us know when you call or email us about provider preferences and we’ll help with your search.

3. Kaiser Permanente may not be a name you are familiar with; however, it’s a name you’ll most likely see more and more related to healthcare. As one of the most trusted healthcare plan providers, KP offers numerous non obamacare health insurance plans to meet the varying needs of clients.

4. Molina Healthcare is a very affordable option if you want to avoid obamacare coverage or are simply looking at your options for coverage. Our agents can assist you in a side-by-side comparison of obamacare and non obamacare plans so you can choose the best coverage.

5. Humana was the first major health insurance provider to pull out of Obamacare. Starting in 2018, all of Huama’s coverage options are non obamacare health insurance plans. If you’re 65 or older or are under 65 with a qualifying disability, our agents can help you take a look at Humana plans.

Can You Get Health Insurance that is Non-Obamacare?

More and more often, the answer is yes. Since President Trump took office, he has begun to fulfill his promise to end Obamacare. The process is taking place over time to ensure minimal disruptions to coverage during the changeover. Obamacare was a significant drain on government finances. The eventual goal is to put health insurance back in the private sector to lower healthcare costs and provide better options to the insured.

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