Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a health insurance plan that was designed to ensure that all Americans have affordable insurance coverage. The majority of citizens that have benefited from this insurance plan are people that lost their jobs, people with a disability that have limited their ability to work, unemployed individuals, and generally people with one financial issue or the other or a pre-existing health condition. 

Despite the initial intent of ACA plans to provide affordable healthcare. A lot of people have found it unsuitable as it has a lot of premiums and deductibles that have made it very expensive. They are different non-Obamacare health insurance plans with different packages for individuals that are healthy with no pre-existing medical conditions seeking an alternative to ACA.

Alternatives To Obamacare Health Insurance Plans

There are health insurance plans with lower premiums, varying time frames, and different eligibility. Some of them include;

Short-Term Insurance

These are insurance plans suitable for people that have a temporary financial situation such as divorce settlement, leaving, or losing a job with a high chance of getting another as soon as possible. These plans are fast and easy to purchase. They can be purchased at any time of the year and can last up to 12 months. They do not cover serious medical conditions. They are one of the common alternatives to the ACA marketplace.

Primary Health Care Membership 

This is a non-Obamacare health insurance plan directly provided by a medical physician without the interference of insurance companies. This is simply an agreement between an individual and a doctor for predetermined preventative care. This is suitable for individuals or families that cannot afford Obamacare premiums and are healthy. All that is required is a membership subscription and it requires less paperwork. The billing is usually affordable and straightforward. This health plan covers routine checks and uncomplicated health issues. In case of serious health problems, this health plan may not be sufficient.

Health Sharing Plans

Health sharing plans are mostly religious health insurance plans. It is a much cheaper insurance plan than individual health insurance plans. The protocols guiding these plans sometimes depend on the faith ministry providing it and sometimes to be a member of the health plan you have to belong to a particular faith and agree to some religious practices. This plan has however been an accepted alternative to Obamacare as it is more affordable and covers a wide range of health issues. 

Limited Benefit Insurance

This is also a non-Obamacare health insurance plan. It involves constant payment of an agreed amount of money at a fixed time. In the event of a medical issue, a fixed amount of money is paid irrespective of gravity or the regular cost of treatment.

There are a lot of alternative ACA plans available. The selection of a non-Obamacare health insurance plan depends on factors such as budget, time frame, contract type, and so on. These are some of the factors you should consider when choosing an alternative health insurance plan.

Non Obamacare Health Insurance Plans
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