All You Should Know About Short Term Health Insurance From Blue Cross

 <a target=short term health insurance blue cross" />Most Americans sign up for short-term health insurance plans because they have a favorably low maintenance fee. However, the ACA classifies a short-term plan as an insufficient one compared to other standard coverage formulas. These plans are not for everyone and do not fit a lifelong financial strategy.

Nonetheless, people understand that short-term plans are highly convenient for specific situations, like a short-term gap between jobs. Here is all you need to know about short-term health insurance by Blue Cross.

What is a short-term health insurance plan?

Short-term plans are typically affordable and highly convenient for at least a one-year coverage. Unlike regular insurance with an annual renewal contract, the short-term plan can be as short as three or six months. The best way to think about these plans is they offer the best temporary health plans when you do not have a critical illness needing frequent medication or procedures.

Short-term plans are available in most states except California, Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. Other states like Colorado, Delaware, New Mexico, and a couple of others offer the plans according to federal regulations.

Short-term health plans coverage

The coverage plan of these insurance policies depends on the state and provider. The federal government allows these plans to offer custom coverage without requiring any mandate. The only exceptions from a short-term plan include:

  • Maternity care
  • Outpatient prescription drugs
  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health

Cost of a short-term plan

The short-term plan is affordable enough to average $100 each month. However, you must get the complete breakdown from Fast Health Insurance Quotes, to include copays, deductibles, and coinsurance limits, among other details. Short-term plans with more protection will always cost more than one with less. An intelligent choice should cost you less than any individual insurance plan in the end.

People who need short-term health insurance plans

Healthy people get the most significant benefits from short-term insurance plans with low premiums. These plans are a great idea when you do not have to purchase health coverage for dependents like spouses or families. However, you can always get a plan with substantial coverage from major health insurers like Blue Cross for more critical health issues 

The only concern is that people with pre-existing conditions like asthma and diabetes should not depend on short-term plans, as they will not give a worthwhile cover. Additionally, people who lack an existing Medicaid or Medicare plan cannot rely on short-term insurance as the sole coverage.

Tips of shopping for the best short term insurance plan on Fast Health Insurance Quotes

The short-term plan is only a temporary cover but should include details that will sustain your health throughout the term. The best strategy for finding a worthwhile insurance plan is to read the fine print of all included services. It helps to use the services of our health insurance quotes, so you can carefully decide on a plan that makes the most sense. Fast Health Quotes allows you to get a quote online for any short-term plan or call (855)-249-4939 for immediate responses to related queries.  


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