Finding the best health insurance for family

Fast Health Quotes helps clients find the  best health insurance for family and individuals. We have a partnership with some of the top health insurance providers in the country, allowing us to help our clients compare quotes and choose the best policy for their family.

Top reasons to get health insurance for your family

If you do not have a health insurance plan, you may have to pay a fee at the time of filing your state taxes. Make sure to check your state health care regulations to learn more about this clause. Factor this amount into your budget as the fine you pay could be significant.

Besides, forgoing health insurance can put you at grave financial risks. Without one, you may end up incurring large debts when paying for even minor healthcare needs. You must see health insurance as an absolute necessity instead of a luxury.

Best health insurance for family in 2020 

The coverage options can vary from one state to another, and some insurers may not be accessible in all states. Here is our research and findings on the list of insurers with the best reputation in 2020 for health insurance:

  1. Kaiser Permanente - They offer the best health savings account options, excellent customer service, and have a broad array of health plans.
  2. UnitedHealthcare - They have a large PPO network and offer the best online health care services.
  3. Molina Healthcare - Molina offers the best wellness programs and preventative care and has strong financial strength ratings.

Aetna also provides the best employer-based plans and is available in all 50 states. Make sure to choose an insurance provider based on their customer satisfaction ratings, financial strength ratings, type of coverage they offer, online services, wellness programs, and coverage areas.

How to choose the best health insurance?

While there are plenty of health insurance plans from different providers across the country, you must consider various combinations of co-payments, co-insurance, premiums, etc., before purchasing a specific plan. Here's how to choose the ideal health insurance:

  1. Most people get health insurance from their employer. If your employer doesn't provide health insurance, you can log in to and go to your state's public marketplace to buy a plan. Alternatively, you may also buy health insurance through the private exchange or directly from an insurer.
  2. Decide on the best type of plan (HMO or PPO or EPO or POS) for you and your family after comparing out-of-pocket costs, the freedom to choose providers, and other benefits.  
  3. Be sure to eliminate plans that exclude your family doctor or specialist or your local doctors in the provider network.
  4. Decide what's more important to you: more health coverage and higher premiums or lower premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs, and then compare quotes, plans, and insurers.
  5. Your goal should be to choose a plan that pays for your regular care, such as prescriptions, maternity services, specialists, etc.

Your search for the best health insurance for family ends here. Call 855-249-4939 to get quotes from the top insurers. At Fast Health Quotes, we help our clients compare quotes, weigh the pros against the cons, and choose the policy that best suits their family's needs.

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