How Are Short-term Health Plans Different From Long-term Plans

Are you planning to buy an insurance policy? But before opting for any insurance policy ,you need to understand the terms and conditions related to health insurance. Which insurance policy is perfect for your needs and also from your budget? And most importantly, do you need a short-term or long-term health plan?

How Is Short-term Insurance Plans Different From Long-term Plans?

Certain medical health issues and illnesses are covered under long-term insurance coverage with pre-defined terms and conditions. They are renewable annually, less flexible, costly, but there are certain gaps in this sort of insurance plan which leads people to short-term insurance plans.

Short-term insurance plans provide temporary medical care for both medical and travel experiences, but they are valid for one year or less. Fast Health Quotes offers you the right sort of short-term insurance plans that are both reliable and affordable.

The following points will help you understand more about short-term insurance plans.

1) Time Period:

As the name refers, short-term insurance works only for a short time span. These insurance policies provide coverage for twelve months only. Most policies are even valid for 3 months at the most.

As the nature of short-term plans is for a shorter period, they are non-renewable, and after the set period ends, you will need a second short-term insurance plan for yourself. Moreover, you can only apply for short-term insurance two times a year.

2) Pre-Existing Conditions:

This is the major difference between long-term and short-term insurance plans. Long-term insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions, whereas short-term conditions cover you in case of unexpected events. The terms and conditions mentioned in the short-term policies are temporary and do not meet the ACA requirements.

Our catastrophic insurance plan is just an ideal choice for truck drivers and others who are at risk while short-term their jobs. With our help, you get the most suitable and affordable plan beneficial for you in every way.

3) Lower Premium:

The lower premium rate is the major benefit of short-term plans. But with a low premium comes the limited coverage that these sorts of plans offer. These policies cover the individual and families in case of emergencies and unexpected illnesses. But for pre-existing conditions, preventative treatments, and prescriptions you need to have the traditional long-term health insurance plan.

4) Flexibility:

The duration of your insurance plan is totally up to you. If you are about to join your new job after a few months and need to get insured during that period, short-term policies are a wise option. Short-term plans are available year-round without the need for enrollment. Moreover, the application process is very simple, and you get quick approval without delay.

Which Plan Is The Right One For You?

Choosing an insurance plan is entirely up to you. Firstly, you need to identify your medical needs, whether you need long or short-term medical insurance. Moreover, consider the options available to you under both sorts of insurance policies.

We at Fast Health Quotes connect you to superior quality insurance providers and help you understand all there is to know about insurance policies. We help you get a grasp on monthly premiums, deductibles, and the conditions covered under your short-term policies. 


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