How can You Avoid Facing a Health Insurance Gap Between Jobs?

In the United States, the unemployment rate spiked up to 6% till March 2021. This means that a significant percentage of people were searching for new jobs in the market. Such unemployed individuals don’t just face the losses of not being able to afford new things or not being able to pay back their student loan debt.

They also experience a health insurance gap between jobs, during which any surgeries or medical care they may need could cost them dearly.

Health insurance is a financing system employed by people for paying their medical expenses and help cut down their healthcare costs.

Generally, health insurance programs are divided into two major types. These include private health insurance and public health insurance.

In the United States, private health insurance coverage is much more prevalent than state-subsidized public health insurance. 49% of Americans get their private health insurance coverage through their employers i.e., employer-sponsored health insurance coverage or group insurance.

This might make you wonder:

What will happen to the health insurance coverage of those who lose their jobs?

More importantly:

How can unemployed Americans avoid a health insurance gap between jobs?

Health insurance coverage is essential in the US, where healthcare services are very costly, and any unpredicted health emergency could make those without health insurance bankrupt. To avoid such a situation, you must follow the steps given below:

1) Determine when your health insurance coverage ends

You can do this by checking with the human resources department of the company where you work and find out how your employer-sponsored health insurance program works. If you're unable to do so, then you can contact your insurance company.

If your health insurance program provides you coverage even outside your job, you do not need to worry as you can simply avail health care services with it by paying its premium regularly till the end.

At Fast Health Quotes, we can help you find a health insurance policy that provides you with coverage beyond your job. We offer affordable, convenient, and swift options so that you can opt for a health insurance policy that suits you and your family. This way you won’t have to face any health insurance gap between jobs.

2) Determine the duration for which you need health insurance coverage

This step might be difficult for you as it is not easy to calculate the number of days or months between the ending of your current insurance coverage and the beginning of your new health insurance coverage.

At Fast Health Quotes, we can help you by offering you a short-term health insurance policy that meets your healthcare needs for the time being and avoid the health insurance gap between jobs.

However, short-term health insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. Therefore, we recommend that if you have any pre-existing condition, you should include a doctor in your health care plan so that he can help you meet your ongoing needs.

To remove the tension and uncertainty that a health insurance gap can cause, contact Fast Health Quotes today and receive the ideal health insurance policies to support you during your employment and unemployment periods.

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