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At Fast Health Quotes, we compare health insurance quotes online and help you find the best health care plan. We are partners with  affordable health care insurance providers in America and help our clients find the policy that fits their needs at the click of a button.

What does health insurance cover?

Ideally, health insurance covers the costs of prescription, surgical services, and medical. You can use your insurance to get medical treatment if you fall sick, get injured, or require preventative and wellness check-ups. Most insurance plans offer coverage for medical devices too.

On the contrary, health insurance does not offer coverage for elective surgical procedures, off-label drug use, brand-new technologies, and cosmetic treatments. Fertility treatment costs are usually not covered by health insurance, but the situation may differ from one state to another.

Affordable health care insurance in 2020

While your primary concern is to buy a health insurance plan with the lowest premiums, you must also check an insurance company's financial strength, claims service, coverage benefits, customer service ratings, and plan price before you arrive at a decision. Here are some of the most affordable health care insurances in 2020:

  1. Kaiser Permanente – Its network includes more than 22,000 participating physicians, and they offer the best health savings plan options. Their HSA options are available for high-deductible plans and are transferrable even if you change jobs. Kaiser also offers the best customer service and have a variety of health plans.
  2. UnitedHealthcare – It has the best financial strength ratings and has a network of PPOs across the nation. It offers excellent online health care services and provides member discounts for hearing aids, vision services, and smoking cessation programs.      
  3. Molina Healthcare - With over 3.4 million members across the country, Molina has some of the best perks, wellness care, preventative health care services, and prenatal and postnatal care services. Most of Molina's health plans come with no co-pays and covers all the necessary medical care such as hospital care, vaccinations, lab tests/x-rays, emergency services, prenatal, doctor's visits, and prescription drugs.

Other affordable health insurance in 2020 include Aetna and Humana. While Aetna offers coverage in all 50 states and provides the best HSAs and wellness programs, Humana has the highest rating in customer service, provider choice, billing and payment, coverage, and benefits.

Is health insurance worth it?

Health insurance is certainly worth the price. You never know when you may get sick, acquire an illness or face an injury, and the medical costs for these unforeseen contingencies can weigh heavy if you lack health insurance.

It is better to pay for health insurance than to lose thousands of dollars in doctor visits, hospital stays, vaccinations, surgical services, wellness checks ups, and ambulance rides. If you are looking for affordable plans, call 855-249-4939 to buy affordable health care insurance. Fast Health Quotes is a reliable third-party platform that helps clients compare quotes from different health insurance providers and buy the cheapest plan.

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