Top 4 Benefits of Getting Short Term Health Insurance in Illinois

Short term health insurance refers to low-cost and low coverage plans that are available for a short time. They give you provisional medical coverage for some cases, such as when you have been locked out of an enrollment period if you are in between jobs, or when there’s an emergency requiring urgent coverage. Short term health insurance in Illinois offers coverage for up to six months. At Fast Health Quotes, we provide clients with credible information and access to affordable health insurance plans to help them get the right plan that matches their needs.

Benefits of Short-Term Health Insurance

Although short-term insurance isn’t the same as the traditional medical plan, it doesn’t imply it’s not a good option, particularly if you’re looking for an alternative for out-of-pocket-payments to cover unexpected trips to the ER. In fact, the more you understand the benefits of short-term health insurance, the more you may realize it’s exactly what you need. We have the best agents who will give you all the information regarding your chosen insurance provider. But, before you begin comparing quotes from short term health insurance providers, here are the benefits the plan offers.

  1. Filling Coverage Gap

Going without health insurance, even for a single month, can be extremely expensive. Looking at options such as short-term health insurance is one of the ways to ensure this gap is filled. The gaps usually occur when you sign up for new insurance coverage or when you are changing jobs. Short-term insurance offers a safe protection layer for you and your family for that short duration.

  1. It’s Affordable

Short term insurance comes with a limited coverage period, and as such, they have lower prices than major medical health insurance plans. This makes it an affordable option. We are unbeaten in offering you quotes from various insurance providers of short-term health insurance, which guarantees that you get the very best in the market. 

  1. Cover Emergency Medical Expenses

Typically, short term health insurance plans do not cover any pre-existing conditions, nor do they cover preventative care. However, when you have this type of plan, the medical expenses are covered in case of accidents or illnesses. This ensures that you are protected from any incidents or accidents before you get your major health insurance coverage. 

  1. Easy Application Process

A short-term plan is easy to apply for compared to major medical coverage, which can take time depending on your specific needs or when there is a need to apply for government subsidies. The decision on the application can also almost be made instantly. In addition, short-term health insurance coverage can begin within a few days after approval. 

Get Comprehensive Quotes Today

You do not have to go without coverage when you are in between jobs or providers. Getting short term health insurance in Illinois allows you to access provisional care. At Fast Health Quotes, we are skilled in providing comparison quotes from various providers to ensure you get the best plan possible. Contact us at 844-325-2023 to find the most affordable individual and family short-term health insurance plans today. 

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