What is Aetna short term health insurance?

 <a target=aetna short term health insurance" />What is Aetna short term health insurance?

For certain health-related situations, short term insurance may provide you with temporary medical coverage. Several of the features of these types of health insurance policies differ significantly from regular health plans.

Aetna short term health insurance is one of these options. In case you need coverage temporarily, you can use this option to your benefit. It could be that you are deciding between health plans but do not want to be without coverage in case of an emergency, or perhaps you missed the enrollment period and did not want to feel unprotected.

Whatever the reason is for you to be currently without health insurance, you can get the most out of short term health coverage. Nonetheless, it is crucial for you to understand how they work, what exactly they cover, and how much do they cost.

What does Aetna short term health insurance cover?

Aetna was founded in 1853 in Hartford, Connecticut. Since then, they are committed to providing the best benefits and products related to health care to individuals, employers, health care professionals, agents, and more.

Health insurance varies greatly, depending on the plan and the company. It is no different with short term plans. You should know that these types of coverage are not required to comply with the Affordable Care Act, also known as ACA, guidelines. 

ACA plans are required to provide different levels of coverage, including a minimum essential coverage. Short term plans are not required to do so.

Aetna offers plans for individuals, employers, providers, and brokers. Individual programs are perfect for one person or an entire family. Employers can offer Aetna as part of their benefits for their employees.

Among the level of coverage that short term health insurance typically provides, we can find:

  • Preventive care;
  • Doctor visits;
  • Emergency attention;
  • Urgent care;
  • Dental, vision, supplemental;
  • Prescriptions.

How much does short term health insurance typically cost?

Typical upfront costs for temporary health insurance include:

  • Premium: The monthly fee you have to pay to have coverage.
  • Deductible: These are out-of-pocket fees that you have to pay to get coverage. It is usually higher in short-term insurance compared to regular coverage.
  • Coinsurance: After you meet your deductible, you also share a percentage of costs with the insurance company. Most short-term plans have both.
  • Copay: It is a fee you have to pay when you see a medical professional at the time of the visit.
  • Out-of-pocket costs: If your short-term insurance plan does not cover certain healthcare services you require, you will have to pay all costs.
  • Other costs.

Besides, short-term insurance plans can be canceled anytime without penalties. However, the deductibles are significantly higher than traditional health plans, there is no coverage for pre-existing conditions, and there may be a medical questionnaire you need to fill out to get approved for coverage.

If you would like to know more about short-term health coverage and if it may be the right fit for you, learn more at Fast Health Quotes today.

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