When You Need Health Insurance During Divorce

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When you need affordable health insurance during a divorce, make a phone call to Fast Health Quotes to start comparing costs and coverage. Let our agents know what type of insurance you have in mind and they'll search our healthcare plan database to find coverage that's perfect for you. We receive phone calls every day from clients like you who need insurance that is often overpriced by other agencies; it's our pleasure to work on your behalf to find a plan that is budget-friendly without compromising on the quality of your coverage.

3 Reasons You May Need to Make Health Insurance Plan Changes During a Divorce

1. Divorce can mean an interruption to many different areas of your life, and while many of those areas can be overwhelming, health insurance is something that doesn't have to be difficult or challenging. One call to Fast Health Quotes and we'll take it from there. Simply provide some basic information concerning your coverage needs and we'll do the rest. It's easy to get in touch with our team- just call 855-249-4939 to get a fast, free quote, right now.

2. If you're listed on your spouse's health insurance plan, federal law mandates that health insurance coverage ends when a divorce is finalized. While that can seem unreasonable, there are allowances made that will give you access to insurance through COBRA for up to 36 months post-divorce. Certain qualifications on the part of the company involved are necessary; however, many people find that COBRA is an unaffordable option. At Fast Health Quotes, we can make coverage available to you at a more affordable cost; let us know when you're ready to start a new search for health insurance during divorce.

3. If you're changing jobs due to a divorce, you may have insurance set up for the future but that doesn't negate your need to stay covered in the interim. Short-term health insurance can be costly; however, our agents at Fast Health Quotes are trained to look for the best rates on all types of insurance. If you need coverage that lasts from 6-12 months, we can offer you options that will bridge the lapse in coverage you're facing; depending on the state where you live, coverage can start in as few as 24 hours.

Questions Answered, Problems Solved

You naturally have many questions about health insurance during divorce; this is a great time to have them answered for free just by calling our helpline. There's no obligation to purchase coverage from us when you call to discuss your coverage needs with our team- we're happy to help.

During a divorce, you may not have the time to call around and compare plans and rates on your own; we'll do that for you at no cost when you call 855-249-4939. We don't need a lot of personal information to search our database for health insurance coverage; within a few minutes, we'll provide multiple options for you to consider. If you request assistance, our agents can even help you decide which plan is right for you.


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