Where can you find short term insurance in GA?

health insuranceWhere can you find short term insurance in GA?

Whether you are in Georgia or another state, short-term health insurance may be an option for you. These programs provide you with temporary medical coverage, but the policies differ significantly from regular health plans.

People usually look for short-term health insurance if they are deciding between health plans with a regular provider and need coverage in case of an emergency. It could also be that you missed the enrollment period and don’t want to be left without any type of coverage.

So, if you are considering short term health insurance in GA, you need to be sure that it is the right option for you. Short-term insurance may be an option for you if:

  • You are unable to apply for ACA (Affordable Care Act), also called Obamacare. It could be that you missed Open Enrollment or you don’t qualify for Special Enrollment;
  • You are still waiting for your ACA coverage to start;
  • You need coverage while you opt for Medicare; 
  • You are turning 26 and will come off your parent’s insurance;
  • You are between jobs or waiting for benefits to begin at your new job;
  • You are a healthy person under 65.

These are the most common situations for someone to request short-term health insurance in GA, Georgia. It is the ideal solution for coverage while you are looking for a long-term option.

What are some benefits from opting for short-term health policies?

Short-term health insurance programs are more flexible than regular plans. They can get you covered fast, as soon as the day after you apply. You can usually pick your deductible from several options, as well as the length of coverage, which can be from one up to 12 months in some states.

Another incredible benefit is that you can drop the coverage at any time with no penalties attached. In that case, as soon as a more permanent option comes along, you can cancel your short-term plan.

Besides, you can usually apply for another short-term plan as soon as the first one expires.

These health policies also give you access to an extensive network of healthcare professionals all over the country. And you can also benefit from lower premiums. However, deductibles are usually more expensive than those in regular plans.

What is generally not covered by short-term insurance policies?

Typically, short-term insurance plans can be used for up to one year. Therefore, they will not cover long term conditions, such as maternity, mental health, and pre-existing conditions. Nonetheless, they will provide coverage for new illnesses or injuries that you may suffer, doctor visits, and hospitalizations. 

Some of them also offer this coverage while traveling. They may include benefits such as trip interruption, lost luggage, and more.

So, if you are wondering if short-term health insurance is worth having, the answer is yes. It can be a good option for healthy individuals and do not require regular prescription needs or health services. It is perfect to have in case of emergency or when you need immediate coverage.

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