Insurance for Truckers

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There are more than 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States. Many truck drivers work as independent contractors and therefore they don’t have access to health insurance through their employers. Therefore, a large number of truck drivers may not have the health coverage they need. To complicate the situation, truck driving is one of the most dangerous professions according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Truck drivers may suffer serious injuries due to accidents related to their industry.

There are many factors that make truck drivers more at risk for injuries. Drivers often work long hours and travel long distances at a time, which can put them at risk for driving while fatigued. Another common problem is distracted driving, which may occur when a driver uses a cell phone or other electronic device while behind the wheel. Many truck drivers have medical conditions, some of which are serious. Health issues can worsen when you don’t have insurance because you are less likely to visit the doctor.

Insurance Options

Everyone should have insurance coverage to protect them in case of an illness or injury. If you can’t obtain insurance through your employer, there are other options. Health care plans are available to provide you with individual and family coverage. Some truck drivers may be able to obtain health insurance through a group plan, such as through the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA). They provide various health plans to meet your needs such as occupational accident plans, dental and vision care and more.

Individual and Family Health Plans

There are a variety of affordable individual and family health plans available. Some things to consider when you shop for a health plan include:

  • Premium costs
  • Deductible
  • Coverage
  • Co-pays
  • Out-of-Pocket costs
  • Provider network
  • Existing conditions
  • Waiting period

It is important to consider your individual and family needs when you choose a policy. Some plans have a lower premium but higher deductible and out-of-pocket costs such as co-pays. If you get sick while you are on the road, you want to make sure that your health insurance plan provides coverage wherever you are.

Catastrophic Insurance

Catastrophic insurance is an option that is available to truck drivers and others. This type of insurance policy provides you with basic coverage and is most often best for those who are in-between jobs or have temporary employment. There are various catastrophic insurance plans available, so it is best to review your requirements to find a policy that meets your needs. Keep in mind that a catastrophic policy is designed as temporary insurance and does not meet the requirements of the ACA.

Truckers are particularly vulnerable to potential injuries and illnesses, so it is crucial to have an insurance policy in place. You need to protect yourself and your family should you need to get medical care. At Fast Health Quotes, we will help you find the insurance policy that matches your particular needs and your budget. We offer online support and are here to assist you with finding a policy that is perfect for you and your family. Contact Fast Health Quotes online or call us at 855-244-9579 today.