Preventative Services

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Preventative services include medical care that is provided to prevent rather than treat illnesses. Preventative services are often included as part of your healthcare plan. Some examples of preventative services include medical screening and tests, vaccinations, and annual medical examinations. The purpose of preventative services is to prevent illnesses and to find diseases when they are more easily treated.

Preventative Services Covered in Health Plans

While every health plan is different, most include some types of preventative services. It is best for you to review the details of your particular policy to learn exactly what is covered. Preventative services are generally available to policy holders at no charge and often have no out-of-pocket costs, such as copayments. You are encouraged to take advantage of these services since they are designed to provide you with medical care that will help prevent illnesses. For instance, a yearly flu shot may be included as part of your health plan.

In general, you need to visit your primary care physician to receive preventative services covered under your health insurance plan. Sometimes your insurance company will give you a list of services and locations where you can go to receive them if they are located other than at your doctor’s office. For example, you might be eligible to receive a free mammogram under your insurance preventative care services provisions. However, if the services are necessary for the treatment of a condition, they are not considered preventative care.

Scheduling Preventative Services

It is important to schedule preventative services ahead of time with your primary care physician. Verify that the services are covered in your policy and that you won’t have any charges for them. You can find the details of your covered preventative services in your insurance policy. If you are unsure about what is included, contact your insurance provider directly.

Your doctor may recommend some specific screenings and tests that may be best for your health and age group. Many of these services will be covered by your insurance policy at no charge to you. You should talk to your doctor to create an annual plan that you customize for your preventative care needs.

In many cases, your physician or your healthcare provider will send you a reminder when you are due for a particular preventative service. It is a good idea to take advantage of all preventative services because you already pay for them as they are included as part of your overall policy premium. You won’t pay any less for your insurance if you don’t get the preventative treatment that is included in your plan. Preventative care services can vary from policy to policy and may be different for different providers. It is also important to verify the services that are available when you obtain a new policy or renew your policy at the start of the year.

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