Effective Date

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When you sign up for healthcare insurance, you will note that there is a date that the policy takes effect. The effective date is important because in some cases there is a waiting period before you can begin using your medical policy. Before the effective date, you do not have the ability to access your insurance and if you have any medical needs they will not be covered by insurance. Until you reach the effective date of your insurance policy, you will have to pay for your medical costs out-of-pocket.

What is the Effective Start Date?

Typically, an insurance policy will not take effect until after you put a policy into place and make a premium payment. Your insurance company sets the effective date of your healthcare plan, so you need to refer to the details of your policy to find out when the policy begins. In some instances, the policy may start as soon as you applied or the date your policy request was accepted. In some cases, there is a waiting period before your policy will take effect.

If you obtained health insurance through your employer, they may have specific requirements in place that dictate when they establish and provide health coverage. For instance, they may require an employee to be on the job for a period of time before they offer insurance. This period ranges by company and may typically be between 30 and 180 days.

When Can I Visit the Doctor?

If you need medical care and have just recently purchased or obtained a healthcare policy, it is essential that you know the effective date before you visit the doctor. If you seek medical care before you have coverage you will be required to pay for all of the services out-of-pocket. The insurance policy won’t cover your visit until you have surpassed the effective date. Keep in mind that even if you applied for a policy and got approved, you still need to make your first premium payment before you have coverage.

It is important to know the effective date of your policy before you go to the doctor. Otherwise, you could be responsible for 100% of the costs of your treatment. In some cases, the insurance provider may permit backdating of your effective date. For instance, the provider may allow coverage during the period of time between your policy acceptance and your first premium payment. If your policy does not specifically address this period, you should contact them before you go to the doctor.

Verify Your Policy Effective Date

Make sure that you verify your policy effective date before you make an appointment for medical services. The policy itself should clearly indicate the effective date. If you are unsure of the date, can’t find the date, or need to backdate your policy, you should contact your insurance provider directly. It’s always best to make sure you know the date that your policy begins because you don’t want to incur any unforeseen medical expenses.
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